Aug 31, 2007

Summer's End

We came back to camp for an end of summer trip. It's been a good visit. Marked by lots of family, interspersed with rest and relaxation. The weather has cooperated and fishing has been good.

We arrived to find Uncle Ben and his girls here. We knew they'd be here and the reunion was joyful. The wind was up, so swimming at Kingsland Bay was in order:

The next day marked the arrival of Uncle Kelt, Aunt Kristina, their gang and then the Grandparents later that night. Saturday was warm and windy and sometimes rainy. It was a strange day, but we had fun anyway. There was swimming, tubing, laughing, and all sorts of silliness. Capped off by homemade icecream and firewords.

The whole album is here.

Aug 16, 2007

Back on the Ice

LightGirl has been released and allowed back on the ice.

Wahoo ...