Jan 31, 2007

Going Buggy

In the car the following conversation ensued:

LightBoy, "Anybody else see great big bugs?"

Me, "No."

LightGirl, "I think you've been spending too much time playing Alien vs. Predator"

Me, "You're definitely banned from the computer."

LightHusband, "Hey I thought that happened last night."

LightBoy, "It did, but Mom said I could be on the computer before lunch."

LightBoy, "Oh .... those weren't bugs. They were dust particles on my glasses."

Me, "You're still banned from the computer."

Presenting ...

... our next hockey player ...

Jan 27, 2007


LightGirl loves playing hockey ...

... she is 2 cool 4 school!

Jan 26, 2007

I Never Thought ...

... I'd hear these words come out of my mouth:

"LightBoy! All wars must be fought outside or in the basement."

"Or in my room?"

"Or in your room! You may not fight wars in the house on the first floor. It's making me crazy."

I may now add Battle Zone Management to my resume.


LightGirl got her "glove" and "blocker" last night. These are the funny looking gloves that goalies wear to protect their hands from blazing pucks.

She's been waiting for them for three weeks.

She wore them from her bedroom to the livingarea in her pjs and a huge grin this morning.