Oct 31, 2007

All Hallows Eve

Today is the day ...

Trick or treating for LightBoy in the guise of Fimli, Gimli's second cousin (that is, a dwarf of MiddleEarth). He is beyond excited. I'm not certain what beyond excited is, but he's there.

LightGirl, on the other hand, has hockey practice. But things are are looking up for her too. She is, for the first time since late June, playing in the goal for practice. We think her knee can manage that. It's a short practice. She is also excited. I put together goodie bags for the girls who eschew trick or treating to come to practice. This is a surprise for them. It is also possible that I've put too much candy into these bags. I tried to balance it out with some lip gloss and nail polish and CoachWonderWoman is adding some sillystring (and more candy). But after all, Halloween really is all about the candy.

Here's LightGirl with GoalieGirl ... our new goalie. Yes, she is wearing LightGirl's jersey. She borrowed it for team photos that were taken last night as her red jersey has not yet arrived. They have become really good friends.

Oct 22, 2007

My Two Hockey Players

John ... in his first game. Notice the position of the puck; the focus of the other four players. The coach had just called out, "Get it John! The puck is yours!" In typical fashion he looked for the puck in the air.

Lillie ... skating at the Kettler Arena. This was during warm-ups for a game. She is sooo happy. I can't imagine how she manages to play this game. It's constantly amazing to me.

Oct 6, 2007

Hockey Boy

"John! Have you got your shin pads?"
"Do you have your skates?"
"Have you got your helmet?"

And so went the conversation all the way down to the rink. So when Dad and John arrived at the rink and discovered that the equipment was indeed packed.

In the hockey equipment bag.

In the foyer ... in the house.

Dad was not happy. But John *had* packed his equipment. Tomorrow he's going to also put it in the car.

The end of an early morning practice!