May 19, 2008

Homeschool Hilarity

The kids study history in sequential fashion and I supplement their curriculum with packets from Jackdaws. Jackdaws are replicas of original documents from a particular period in history that are organized around a particular subject. Right now J is working his way through a packet called California Gold Rush and is about the gold rush of 1848-1849. Today he asked to go outside and play, I responded by asking him, “How’s your gold mining going?” refering to his studies of the gold rush.

He replied, “My nose is clear, thank you. Now can I go outside?”

We all fell out laughing …

May 11, 2008


Conversation overheard from the backseat the other day ...

"We can't wear that* out in public."

"Why not?"

"Mom said. Because she's a pessimist."

*"That" being a wrist cuff encircled with bullets. Mom can't abide it, because she's actually a pacifist and came to tears laughing in the front seat upon hearing the above exchange.