Mar 12, 2007

Light Dinner Conversation

Normal Monday nights include me, myself and I dining alone (or with BlazingEwe) while LightHusband has LightChildren and FlamingLambs at the rink for hockey practice and skating lessons. Today was slightly different due to LightBoy's odd case of chicken pox (for which he received a vaccination last May ... who knew?). So LightHusband, LightBoy and I had dinner together while BlazingEwe was at the rink with the girls. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

LightBoy: Dad, do you always start with the onions when you make spaghetti?

LightHusband: Yep. I do that to make them soft so my nine year old can't taste them.

LightBoy (looking at me in exasperation): Why did you marry him?

Me: So I could have you!

LightHusband (with a big cheesy grin): So I could make soft onions in your spaghetti!

LightBoy: He's impervious!

And we all fell out laughing ...

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