May 1, 2007

Back on the Ice

Back to the rink it was for the LightChildren ...

While LightGirl took a bruising from large young men (college men!!) ... she did hold her own and managed to keep a cool head. I am constantly amazed by her self-possession. LightBoy had given her some serious props before she came out on the ice to these NCAA players, "Wait til my sister gets out here ... she's the best goalie EVER!" A hero to the boy, but she's only ever been in goal two times.

Meanwhile LightBoy was getting along with these young men like their long lost younger brother. And, he had to skate like the wind to do so. Suddenly his skating improved and so did everything else. He rose to the occasion and then some. Here he is up on his edges and flying along ...

... he then went on to pass his skating class with flying colors!! And have a mock battle with his skating instructor on the side.

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