Nov 16, 2007

... And We'll All Have Excema!

The painting and cleaning continue apace.

Six days til Thanksgiving. Four days until the first arrivals begin. First my sister-in-law and her family (three daughters, one husband) next Tuesday. Then my brother-in-law and his family (daughter, son, wife and aging dog) and my mother and father-in-law on Wednesday (with RV). All will be staying in or around our house.

Sixteen people. In or around our house.


For the last week or so I've been all itchy. At first, it seemed like poison ivy. But I don't go outside much and all the poison ivy around here is dead. And the first eruption was on my back. So ... it's not poison ivy. Then (the hypochondriac me) I thought it was my liver shutting down. Because of course everyone has liver failure in the normal course of their life. It took a day or so for me to remind myself that liver failure also includes violent vomiting and, um, yellow skin. It's not liver failure.

After much discussion with Jennifer, we've concluded it's stress-related excema. Wonderful. Not that I'm under any stress or anything.

This morning Ross was discussing the plan for the house (the remaining painting and cleaning) and how we're going to get it done without so much stress (read me ... yelling stomping and crying, or conversely sitting on the sofa losing all will to live) and with more happiness. John replied, "Well if we don't do that then we'll all have excema!"


And did I mention that the day after Thanksgiving every single known to me in-law is coming for a party. All 35 of them.

Deargodinheaven, what have I done?


Erin said...

Since I can't come mop your floor (I would - I'm not hosting anything this Thanksgiving), here's a hug, sister.

AbiSomeone said...

Dr. Mom, here...Get some Calendula lotion for it and don't use any cortizone or other treatment that will suppress it...otherwise it will turn inward--but not to your liver: your lungs!