Feb 6, 2007

More Hockey

This past weekend held hockey and more hockey. Two outdoor games on the coldest weekend of the year thus far. The first was held at a snooty country club in Maryland. The weather was cold but sparkling and beautiful. It truly was a perfect day for a game. The ice was hard and slick. It made all the moms slightly jealous and wish they could skate for a bit too.

The second game couldn't have been held in a more different venue. An old outdoor rink that reminded me of the rink they built in Barre when I was a teenager. It was state of the art back then. "Back then" being the key to that phrase. It was in the 20's when we got there and we were protected from any sunshine that might have helped us out.

However, the old, scarred plexiglas created a unique lighting effect for LightHusband to take his photos. Here is our personal favorite from the weekend. See if you know why.

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